About Dan Berk, Singer / Songwriter

Dan Berk is an emerging pop artist, singer, and songwriter with a new EP “Old Me” that is set to be released. Dan grew up in Long Island, New York and is now based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Dan is a phenomenal vocalist who has an impressive catalog of songs on Spotify and Apple Music and now a new EP of all original Pop tunes. Dan has been making waves and gaining listeners all over the connected world with his unparalleled sound and vocal style. 

Dan has been singing all his life, before he could talk, and his passion is to deliver emotional and inspiring vocals to the listener. Much of his music is inspired by his own personal experiences, relationships and personal struggles and hardships. He strives to push the envelope by bridging elements across musical genres delivering a well-rounded, eclectic and dynamic style. Dan seeks to connect intimately with listeners around the world, draw them in with his warmth, humanity and angelic vocal tone. 

Dan already has an impressive number of 95 million Spotify streams and 1.2 million monthly listeners. He has 50k followers on Instagram, and has received 29 placements on Spotify editorial playlists. Dan Berk is an artist to watch, as he is set to continue growing and finding his place in the music industry for years to come.

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